Wild Willy Releases New 1oz Package for Powersports Industry

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Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance launches 1 oz bottle size for Powersports Market

Daytona Beach, FL - The Ohio based Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance has launched a new 1oz package size to be used in the powersports industry.

Available in over 60 fragrances, the 1oz bottle is convenient for the Motorcycle, ATV, UTV and MX markets. The 1oz bottle will typically treat one tank of fuel on most applications. Wild Willy brand of fuel fragrances are up to three times stronger than other popular fuel odorants available on the market today.

“We’ve been making fuel fragrances for close to 15 years now and the 4oz bottle has worked great for the automotive market. Like anything else as time goes by, people want things that are easier and more convenient. We’ve had the smaller package size available for a little while now, but really launched it in a big way this past week at the Daytona Beach bike week event,” said Steve Pollard – Founder of Wild Willy Fuel.

Steve went on to say, “Our core customer base has been the drag race and dirt track markets, mostly using our scents in methanol and ethanol. The motorcycle crowd really went crazy, most of these guys had never seen anything like this. They’re all about customizing these bikes and making them their own, now their exhaust can be custom fit to their personality.”

Wild Willy Fuel fragrance is safe for all internal combustion engines, fuel injectors, carburetors and is 02 and catalytic convertor safe. Fuel fragrances are available online via www.wildwillyfuel.com or through any stocking dealer

About Wild Willy Fuel
Wild Willy is a brand based on leading edge technology and chemistry. Wild Willy is a manufacturer of professional products widely used across the motorsports and performance enthusiast markets.

All press or media enquiries can be directed to info@WildWillyFuel.com

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