Our Story

Who We Are

Wild Willy is a brand born out of passion and a love of chemistry. As a young man Willy always had a passion for cars, hot rods and racing. Over the years the challenge of building better products had always been intriguing. As the owner of a chemical company who specialized in producing scents for many industries, Willy received a request from a local friend to make a pour in fuel odorant. Willy and his staff went to work and came up with a few different samples. Over 10 years later and thousands of happy customers, Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance is the most popular fuel odorant available in the market today. Now offering 60+ scents, all to appease your nose and to, “Make Your Exhaust Smell Wild.”

Line of Performance Products

In addition to Fuel Fragrance the Wild Willy brand of performance products also includes:

Fuel Fragrance: Wild Willy fuel fragrance is a direct pour in fuel odorant that will mask unpleasant fuel odors. Fuel Fragrance can be used in gasolines, methanol, ethanol, diesel, nitro, as well as 2 and 4 stroke fuels. Wild Willy fuel fragrance is safe for all internal combustion engines, fuel injectors, carburetors and is safe for 02 sensors and catalytic convertors. Currently over 60+ fragrances available. This product blends clear with all fuels.

Top Lube: Wild Willy top lube advanced formula helps provide upper cylinder and fuel pump lubrication. Reduces maintenance needed on fuel pumps when utilizing alcohol style fuels. Blends with methanol, ethanol and gasoline. In an independent study Wild Willy top lube out performed all leading top lubes in the market. This product blends clear with all fuels.

Traction Compound: Wild Willy traction compound is proprietary blend of adhesives and resin to assure you dead hook every time. Traction compound is utilized to help promote the adhesion of the tire to the racing surface. This is eco friendly product comes pre mixed and ready to use right out of the package. Can be safely used on either asphalt or concrete to maximize traction.