Can I use your Fuel Scent with Diesel?

Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance can be used with any fuel, including diesel.

Can I use Fuel Scent with my Injectors?

Wild Willy Fuel Fragrances are safe for all internal combustion engines, injectors, 02 sensors, carburetors and catalytic convertors.

What Makes Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance Different?

Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance is the only fuel odorant that is made 3X Stronger. With over 60 unique scents, we are sure you can find one to you suit your senses.

What is Top Lube?

Top Lube helps to lubricate upper cylinders and the rest of the fuel system. Top Lube is used in alcohol fuels to help with lubricity and reduce scuffing, oxidation, and corrosion.

How much fuel does one bottle treat?

4oz Bottle Treats:
12-20 Gallons of gas
55 Gallons of Methanol

1oz Bottle Treats:
5 Gallons of Gas
11 Gallons of Methanol
3-5 Gallons of Diesel Fuel