Engine Treatment - Friction Modifier

Engine Treatment - Friction Modifier

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Wild Willy Fuel High Performance Engine Treatment 

  • Racing Oil Friction Modifier 
  • High Pressure Start up Protection
  • Reduces Friction and Heat

This Super Lubricating Film Coats and Penetrates Metal Surfaces to provide the longest lasting lubricating action available. 

  • Quiets Noisy Hydraulics, Pumps, Bearings
  • Compare to MotorKote, Rev-X and others
  • Safe in All Engine types


True Professional Racing Lube, Independently Track Tested

8 per full case

Use Rate: Add to Oil

Engine Oil - 2 oz per qt.

Transmission Fluid - 1 oz per qt "Do not use in CVT transmissions"

Power Steering Fluid - 2 oz per qt

Other Oils - 2 oz per qt

Use with Metal to Metal contact 

Do not use in Radiators, Brake Fluids, CVT transmissions

how to use

  • Simply Add to Fuel of Your Choice / Easy!
  • Mixes Clear in All Motor Fuels!!
  • 1 Bottle Treats -
  • 12-20 Gallons of Gas
  • 55 Gallons of Methanol
  • 8-16 Gallons of Diesel Fuel
  • 3X Triple Strength, Track Tested!!
  • Where To Use: For Professional Racing and Offroad Use only
  • Safe for Use In: 2 Cycle and 4 Cycle Engines
  • Safe in All Motor Fuels
  • Blower and Turbo Safe
  • Will Not clog or Damage Sensors
  • Laboratory Tested For No Soot or Gum!